Background information

At Richplant we are constantly seeking to add new, special products to our assortment. We love unique products and want to be able to offer you a surprising assortment of both flowering and green plants. We would like to introduce special products that are unknown to many. The specials we offer you at the moment are the Colocasia and the Caladium. On this page we explain these special products.


The Colocasia belongs to the Araceae family and is native to South Asia and India. The plant is also called elephant ear, like the Caladium. This name comes from the shape of its leaves, which resemble a large ear. With its gigantic leaves you can make a real statement. These huge leaves are heart-shaped and quite firm. Furthermore, the root of the Colocasia is eaten in several countries. In Cyprus, for example, they have been eating it since Roman times. There they call it Kolokasi. Richplant offers three species of Colocasia: the Colocasia Black Coral, the Colocasia Aloha and the Colocasia Mojito. All three are equally special and all have their own special characteristics. The Colocasia Black Coral has beautiful black leaves that look like velvet, the Colocasia Aloha has beautiful characteristic veins and the Colocasia Mojito has beautifully mottled green leaves. These beautiful Colocasia's are now available at Richplant.

Care tips Colocasia:

The most important thing is that the Colocasia needs a lot of water, the potting soil needs to really stay moist. Furthermore, it is an easy plant and it can be placed in a light and a dark position.



The Caladium belongs to the Araceae family and is native to Central and South America as Brazil and the Amazon. It takes its name from the Malaysian Keladi, which means plant with edible roots. In the Araceae family this is more common. Like the Colocasia, the plant is also called elephant ear. This is due to the shape of its leaves. These are spectacular and can have different colours: from white to pink and from green to red. A real tropical plant that can give your home or workplace a tropical atmosphere. At Richplant this beautiful tropical plant is now available.

Care tips Caladium:
It is important that the Caladium gets a lot of water, so that the potting soil does not dry out. The Caladium just does not like wet feet. Furthermore, the Caladium prefers a shady spot.