Background information

Ferns can be found all over the world. Most have leaves that unwind from a curl. The leaf colour of the Fern can vary from light green to deep dark green and from silver-grey to red-ish. The leaf shapes and leaf hardness also differ.There are thousands of different species of Ferns. They are abundant in rainforests. Ferns love moisture.

Furthermore, Ferns are easy to maintain, purify the air and provide good humidity. This reduces complaints such as headaches and dry skin. In addition to being a great plant for the living room, Ferns are also very suitable for the workplace. Very healthy and certainly a plant to welcome.

At Richplant we grow three species of Ferns: the Parvati, the Montana and the Phlebodium Mandaianum. Ferns are generally easy to handle, look below for the care tips.

Montana 17 cm robuuste pot.jpg
Parvati Asplenium keramiek.jpg
Phlebodium Keramikek.jpg


1. A light but shady spot

This means a lot of daylight but not directly in the bright sun. With a light, but also shady spot and a temperature from around 15 °C, the Fern will do well. Ferns also like damp places in the house such as the bathroom or kitchen. Make sure there is enough daylight.

2. Keep moist, the potting soil must not dry out.

It is important to give the plant enough water to enjoy this beautiful plant for as long as possible. The potting soil of Ferns should always be a little moist, but the Fern does not like wet feet. So avoid a layer of water at the bottom of the pot.

3. Remove old leaves

The Fern does not need to be pruned, but if there are ugly or withered leaves on the Fern it is sufficient to remove them so that the plant retains its ornamental value.