Adenium Obesum


The Adenium Obesum, also called desert rose or impalalelie, originates from the Sahel region just south of the Sahara. This plant combines wild leaves with lovely flowers.

This desert plant is very easy to care for. Can also be outside very well in the summer, but also has a great time inside. The Adenium prefers full sun which is not strange given its origin.


1. A bright, sunny spot

This plant is a real sun worshipper so should be in a place with a lot of sunlight. A place in the windowsill is ideal, but also outside on the terrace or balcony in the sun is a great place.

2. Keep moist, the soil should not dry out:

As with almost any plant, it is best to water regularly and not let the root ball dry out. This way you will be able to enjoy this rich bloomer for as long as possible. The Adenium is really a very easy plant. Suppose you forget to water in time, the plant will go a bit limp, but that will be fine after watering.

3. Remove old flower

To enjoy this beautiful plant for longer, it is advisable to remove the old faded flowers occasionally. The plant will thus continue to flower more easily and show a rich floral splendor for months.