Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania


The Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania) is a beautiful houseplant with striped leaves. This striking plant from Brazil has unique white veins and is also called the Zebra plant.

We have two species of Aphelandra’s Squarrosa in our assortment, namely the Dania and the Botanica. The Dania is the flowering variety and the Botanica is the green variety.

The yellow flowers of the Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania are beautiful for an average of 6 weeks, after which the spent flowers can be removed. The Aphelandra originally grows mainly in the tropical jungle and therefore likes heat, no direct sunlight and sufficient water.

With the unique Aphelandra with its special leaf, you bring the feeling of a tropical jungle into your home.

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1. A light or dark place.

This plant is very easy and can be in a light as well as a dark place. Make sure that the plant is not in a draft and does not drop below 10 degrees.
Ideal temperature 18-22 ° C, minimum 10 ° C

2. Keep moist, the potting soil should not dry out:

Water the Aphelandra regularly. Especially if the plant gets a lot of sunlight, it needs a lot of water. An Aphelandra is a tropical plant and therefore also likes moisture. It really cannot have drought, but the plant does not like wet feet either. Water about 3x a week, the amount of water depends on the size of the pot, but make sure that the potting soil remains moist. Just watering on top of the potting soil is fine, but putting the pot in a layer of water for a few minutes is also a good way to water.

3. Remove old flowers

With sufficient light, water and nutrition, a flower will continue to bloom for about 6 weeks. When the flower has finished flowering, you can simply remove this old flower. Enjoy this beautiful houseplant!