Background information

Caladiums grow naturally in the tropical jungles of Brazil and in the Amazon. They grow here mainly along the rivers and creeks. The Caladium belongs to the Araceae family. The name Caladium is probably derived from the Malaysian word keladi, which means plant with edible tuber. Popularly, they are also called Angel Wings, due to the shape of the leaves. These are therefore spectacular and can have different colors and patterns: Green, white, pink, spots, speckles, the choice is huge! There are a number of different types, including even edible ones! The Caladium bicolor is the best known and is only for decorative use. Of this Caladium Bicolor there are more than 1000 cultivars. We grow 8 cultivars that have been specially selected for their unique properties. The Caladium is a real tropical plant that can give your home or workplace a tropical atmosphere.

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1. A light but shady spot

This means daylight but not directly in the bright sun. With a light, but also shady location and a temperature from about 15 °C, the Caladium will do well.

2. Keep moist, the potting soil must not dry out.

It is important to give the plant enough water to enjoy this beautiful plant for as long as possible. The potting soil of Caladiums should always be a little moist, but the Caladium does not like wet feet. So prevent a layer of water from getting into the bottom of the pot.

3. Goes into sleep mode in winter

Caladiums are root vegetables and therefore grow a little differently than we are used to from most houseplants, because in winter they die. The plant can then go completely into sleep mode. Do not cut off the leaves until they are completely barren! Energy from the leaves flows back to the tuber and ensures that you get a larger and stronger plant in the spring!