Jatropha Podagrica


The Jatropha originally is from Costa Rica and belongs to the Euphorbiaccae. The species Jatropha Podagrica (also known as Buddha belly plant) has a swollen stem which refers to the name ‘’Buddha belly’’. The big leafs are dark green on the upside and greyish on the underside. 

Poda Bloem 5! .JPG


1. A bright, sunny spot:

Please a lot of sunlight, but not in the direct sun. A place in the windowsill is ideal.

2. Keep moist, the soil should not dry out:

Give the Jatropha enough water. Especially when the plant gets a lot of sunlight it needs a lot of water. A Jatropha is a tropical plant and loves moisture. It can’t handle drought, but too much water is also not good. Give the plant some water approximately three times a week, the amount of water depends on the size of the pot, but make sure that the soil stays moist. Just give water above the soil is fine, but to put the pot in a layer of water for a few minutes is also a good way of giving water.

3. Remove yellow leafs:

It is possible that due to diverse factors the lowest leaf turns yellow. This does not mean that the Jatropha is dying. Just remove the yellow leaf and your Jatropha is beautiful again.