The Starcluster belongs to the family of the Rubiaceae. This is the star-leave family. The plant originated in the Northeast of Africa and Egypt. The Starcluster has star-shaped flowers with five leaves. The plant functions as a houseplant and exists in four colors: red, pink, white, and lavender. The leaves have fluffy hairs on them. The tubular flowers attract butterflies.
The Starcluster delivers a summery feeling in your living room.

Star Lavendel.JPG


1. A light, sunny spot.

This means lots of sunlight but not in direct sunlight. A place in the windowsill is ideal.

2. Keep moist, the soil should not dry out:

It is important to give the plant enough water in order to enjoy this rich bloomer as long as possible. Do not let the pot soil dry out; the plant may be in a small layer of water twice a week. Once a month plant food should be given.

3. Remove old flowers:

To enjoy this beautiful plant for a longer period, it is recommended to sometimes remove old flowers. Remove the stem with the button completely, the plant then will grow a new stem with two buttons. The Starcluster can bloom easier this way and the plant can show beautiful flowers for months in a row.